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Brookwood Florida, Inc. is dedicated to providing troubled teen girls with an alternative living environment and therapeutic program encompassing education, employ-ability skills, independent living training, and counseling that will prepare them for self-sufficiency or a successful family reunification.

Four-Part Program for Brookwood Residents

Education & College

Employment Training

Independent Living

Therapy & Counseling

One of the main programs that sets Brookwood apart from its counterparts is its Four-Part program. Along with a safe and nurturing environment, Brookwood’s Four-Part program includes the following key components: Education, Employment Readiness Training, Independent Living Training, and Mental Health Counseling.

Selena's Story

When I was nine years old, I came home from school and found my mother unresponsive on the living room couch. Unable to wake her, I called 911. Within minutes the police and paramedics arrived and took my mother away.

A DCF worker came and took me to my grandmother and her new husband whom I had never met. Things were ok, until my grandmother died in a car accident when I was thirteen. I remained in the custody of my step-grandfather.

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Selena's Story

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“When I realized that I WAS home, then I spent the next year really starting to form what I wanted to be as a person, getting the help from the staff and the guidance I needed.” --Helen

“These few yet powerful stories echo within the walls of our home. Girls come to us sad and defeated and often times with just a few belongings stuffed into a bag, or none at all.
But just as we witness this sadness, this sense of complete loss, we also witness the relief, the lightness, that finding real support and guidance brings our girls. We create a family in our home for those that have no real idea what family is.”

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