-Brookwood Florida Fundraising Events-

One way to give to Brookwood is to support our mission through various events held throughout the year. Not only do we have our annual fundraising event, we participate in other fundraising events hosted by generous community supporters of Brookwood. Whether it is a luncheon hosted by a gracious supporter or a wine tasting where ticket proceeds benefit Brookwood, it’s all about supporting our girls! Join our next event and see why Brookwood has been a great success for the last 90 years in educating and cultivating our next generation of women.

Paving the Way to the Future

Help us break the cycle of abuse and build a circle of independent young women by purchasing a brick in our Paving the Way Fundraiser. 

Annual Gala

Each year, supporters come together for a night of food, libation, and solidarity in support of our Brookwood girls. Typically, participating restaurants showcase items on their menu, entertainment is provided, and testimonials for Brookwood are shared. Join the Brookwood community for our annual fundraiser and meet our sponsors and supporters!

2020 Annual Fundraiser

We have cancelled the October 3, 2020 The 70’s Groovy Gala due to Covid-19.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsors for Brookwood’s annual fundraiser are the center of its success. One of the greatest benefits of becoming a sponsor is proclaiming your support of Brookwood in our community. By becoming a sponsor early, we will be able to start promoting your sponsorship right away. You can register for sponsorship through any of the following means:

Sponsorship Packages Coming Soon! Other Fundraising Events

In order to continuously bring awareness to Brookwood, we participate in various fundraising events throughout the year. One amazing event is an annual luncheon hosted by a beloved supporter of Brookwood. We also have become the charity of choice of various local businesses who donate a portion of their day’s sale proceeds to Brookwood. No matter how big or small, raising awareness is the greatest benefit! Ideas for fundraising events may include a golf tournament, a run/walk/bike event, casino night, wine tasting, luncheon, holiday party or other gathering to benefit Brookwood.

Create an Event!

Propose a fundraising event to Brookwood! Would you like to host a luncheon at your home for the benefit of Brookwood? Would you consider donating a portion of your business’ sale proceeds to Brookwood? Have a girl’s night of giving? Contact our Development Office at 727.822.4789, Ext. 30, for more information and potential partnerships with Brookwood.

Upcoming Events

We have cancelled the October 3, 2020 The 70’s Groovy Gala due to Covid-19.